Monday, March 9, 2009

liat deh

heeey yaaa'll lama gak posting nih hehe maklum eyke sibuk. pas lagi gugling,tiba" gue nemu artikel" keren. cek dis ot.

"Back from Virginia

Status: Personal news

I returned last night from Virginia, where I spent Memorial Day Weekend with my parents. Their dog, Falcon, never ceases to amaze me. He's huge. Every picture of him looks surreal, as if it's been photoshopped to increase his size, but he really is that big. At 200 lbs, he's heavier than I am. You don't sit with him on the couch, so much as you try to squeeze in beside him"

wow. kapan kira-kira kura-kura gue sebesar tuh anjeeeng?

Madonna’s Arms

What in the world has happened to Madonna? The Daily Mail published these photos of her, taken "as she left her private members club in London's Soho to attend a business meeting," clutching a large designer bag. The sinewy appearance of her arms is attributed to "use of 'miracle' machine - The Power Plate," which appar

ently is some kind of vibrating platform offering "the same benefits of an hour-long sweaty gym workout in just 15 minutes with the machine burning the calories for you." Sure, it lets you get a full workout in just 15 minutes, but unfortunately it also turns you into a walking skeleton.

At first I thought the photo of Madonna's arms may have been photoshopped, like the To

o Skinny images, but we'll have to take the word of the Daily Mail's photographer that the pictures are real.

berapa taun latian yang gue jalanin buat bikin oto kayak gitu?


Big Cow

He looks too big to be real, but apparently he genuinely is a giant cow. His name is

Chilli, and he lives at the Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Somerset. From the Daily Mail:

Chilli dwarfs most horses, is the same height as a small elephant and casts a shadow over his cattle companions who are about 5ft in height "He now stands at 6ft 6ins from the floor to the top of his shoulder and he is massive when he holds his head up. "We have made an application to Guinness Book Of Records and we are quite confident he will get it."


berapa banyak bekatul yang harus dikasih buat sapi-sapi dirumah nenek gue?

FAKIR MUSAFAR is known worldwide for his fifty year's research and personal exploration of primitive body decoration and rituals. Fakir has introduced concepts and practices for the "body-first" approach to explore spirituality in art, body modifications, SM and what he calls "body play". Fakir's practices have been shown and his views expressed in the 1985 film DANCES SACRED & PROFANE and in ReSearch publications 1986 book MODERN PRIMITIVES (a word Fakir coined in 1979 to describe himself and a few kindred


berapa kuat korset yang harus gue pake buat bikin pinggang gue kayak gitu?

well, keren bukan?

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